First Day at School

Today was perhaps the most exciting day of the trip to date. I woke up this morning at around seven and prepared for my daily jog. I was joined by Mr. Prockop, Ycar and Christina. As we went further along, the pace quickened, and I turned my head to find that we were being followed by a group of grinning school children.  Most of the kids kept pace and were giddy with excitement. Eventually we reached their school and the kids broke off with waves of goodbye. The run was tiring and (as usual) accompanied by curious onlookers and the stunning Ugandan scenery.  The group then had breakfast, where delicious bread and tea were consumed, and proceded to the school where we received an extremely warm welcome from the students and many esteemed members of the Bishop’s Secondary School board. We went into the chapel where the Head Teacher welcomed us and the student body sang a beautiful hymn that took my breath away. After introducing ourselves to the students we walked outside for a tour of the school. Everywhere we went the group was of course met by curious stares and giggles. The students took a special liking to Eddie and Christina, presumably because of Christina’s foreign blonde hair and fair skin and Eddie’s large physique.  Eventually the moment of truth arrived and we met our host friends. We were paired by age and one by one the students stepped forward to meet us. As the oldest member of the group I went first and walked into an embrace with 18 year-old Sunday. Sunday was extremely happy and friendly. He clearly couldn’t wait to hear about my life as an American and eagerly anticipates tomorrow when we will begin our homestays. The group eventually accompanied Sunday into town to buy tools for our project where we will paint signs for the school. Afterwards we dropped Sunday off at his home and came back to Jim’s house for a nice game of soccer in which Michael, our guide and friend, and I beat the team of Malik, Ycar and Jacob. Not a big deal. I’m excited for tomorrow but sadly end another day in Uganda.


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