Second Day in Rukungiri

So ends our second day in Rukungiri. We woke up bright and early today and took a short run down one of the roads leading away from the hotel. Afterwards, we had breakfast and then got on the bus to go into town. The town in much larger than one would initially expect; there are several miles of road lined with stores and houses. The dominant members of the town were not people, but large, intimidating crane like birds. They flew noisily and swooped down to feed on the garbage in the streets.

We had lunch at a nice little restaurant on the top of a tall hill. After lunch we had some time to explore the town some more. Our first destination was one of the several internet cafes scattered around the town. Peter had other plans and bought bread instead. The children have been very curious about us, with many waving and calling to us. One even came up and tapped Jacob on the back of the knee. We started back for our meeting spot soon afterwards. We reached the hill with little problem but were confused on how to actually get to the spot. We ended up climbing straight up the side of the hill on the opposite side, over some tall grasses.

Back at the hotel we had a quick game of soccer. It was an easy victory for Christina, Jacob and me over Ycar, Malik, and Peter. We won mostly due to my great leadership, Christina’s soccer skill and Jacob’s charisma.

Overall today has been interesting and exciting. I look forward to what tomorrow holds. Log on tomorrow to hear from our next blogger.

–         Eddie

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