Final day


June 30- By Imani

Today on our last day at Orkeeswa, we are having a day of celebration. In the morning we played a fun game of elbow tag with the students. Instead of language exchange, we watched the film Black Head Cow; a film made by Orkeeswa students about the pressures of early marriages in the Maasai culture. We then had small discussions about the film with the Orkweesa students.

After the film we had a dance party with the Happy Boys: Kim, Richard, and Levison. Verity and Kate taught the other Groton/St. Mark’s students the dances they learned yesterday in afternoon activities. This morning we are doing various activities such as new games, speedball, dancing, agriculture, and service work on the new football pitch. Currently, I am in games and Phoebe is the guard in the game, night at the museum.

Later today, we will have a large party with all the students and we will give the cards and gifts some of us made for the students. Game update: Phoebe was the first one out. Tonight we will have a closing ceremony- we will have a dinner with a few selected Orkweesa students and then have our final circle meeting where we will talk about our trip and want we want to take home with us. It should be very fun! I think I can say on behalf of everyone that this trip has been amazing and truly unique. We have had so much fun and getting to know the students has been a one-of-a-kind experience and the highlight of the trip.