Game Watch


Game watch 6/27

The Groton Orchestra and several Waterkloof High School students woke up early in the morning for a trip to Mabula Game Lodge, where we found many surprises waiting for us.  After a very satisfying lunch, we climbed into modified Land Rovers that had no roof or sides, exposing us to nature. The trucks drove us along winding dirt roads into the grasslands and the home of many wild animals.  We first saw a large herd of African buffaloes mingling with impala and a pair of rhinoceros.  The rhinos were huge and a sight to behold.  We moved on and found a pack of water buffalo moving back from their daily watering hole.  It was a large herd of maybe 25 or so and they moved right across the road in front of us.  Over the course of the safari we saw a massive crocodile up close, many more impala, warthogs, water buffalo, gazelles, antelope, and some unique birds.  The highlight of our trip, however, was when we saw four elephants right on the road, eating and lounging right along with us.
 Seeing wild animals was not the only surprise that was prepared for us.  For dinner, we had a traditional African ‘boma’ around a bonfire with traditional African buffet including crocodile meat and African curry.  At the end a group of singer-dancers came and presented a cake for those members of the orchestra with nearby birthdays – Peter, KT, AJ, Chelsea, and Jae-Hee.  The dancers then performed and dragged some of us in to dance with them.  It was a great way to end the night.  Now it’s time to go to sleep to get a good nights rest for our 6:15 game drive tomorrow.
Evan Haas ’15 Cello
Rising Fourth Former
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