Garden Delights


Day two in Pretoria 

Today we played at the botanical garden in Pretoria. It was a great performance featuring the Waterkloof concert band playing an incredible program featuring a Michael Jackson medley, and selections from “Phantom of the Opera”, and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The Groton School Chamber Orchestra followed their performance, and the highlight of the day was a combination of the two groups playing a finale of the Michael Jackson medley, “Africa”, and the U.S. national anthem as well as the South African national anthem.
Following the performance was one of the craziest events of the trip: Melissa Cusanello meeting up with her long lost uncle who lives in Pretoria. It was remarkable and beautiful scene.
The interaction between the two musical groups continued at lunch when the two were able to sit, talk and eat with each other.
The day ended with a get-together at Basson’s (a violinist in the Waterkloof group). It was a great night filled with card games, mingling, the game Big Booty, and a bonfire. The food was also incredible with traditional South Africa desserts and meat cakes. Unfortunately the night had to end at some point and I returned home to my host Nicolaas for some well deserved sleep.
David Caldwell
Class of 2013
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