Waking up at Five o’Clock…


Saturday, June 23

Waking up at five o’clock in the morning is not my favorite thing to do during a summer vacation, but it was totally worth it. All our orchestra members and the beloved Durbanville families, who courteously hosted us for a week, headed over to the school and said our final goodbyes. I hugged my host, Barbara, and we promised each other that we would keep in touch through Facebook. I could never thank her enough for all the amazing experiences we had together.

After the emotional farewells, we went to the airport to catch our flight to Johannesberg. Then, we took a 30 minute bus ride to the Waterkloof High School, where we were greeted by a large crowd of grinning faces. They welcomed us wholeheartedly and we felt at home. Even though we still missed the friends in Durbanville, we were excited to meet new people, with whom we will create another set of wonderful memories. Our Cape Town journey has come to an end, but the adventures in Pretoria have just begun.
The Waterkloof Concert Band and our chamber orchestra came together and rehearsed for the majority of the afternoon. We played “The Legend… Michael Jackson” , which is a combination of the celebrity’s several hit songs. It includes Billy Jean, Thriller, and Heal the World.  We also practiced “Africa”, a song by Toto, which was arranged by Dan Smith, the conductor of our host school’s band. It felt claustrophobic with so many people crowded together on an average size stage, but it was an incredibly fun experience. It was as if we bonded through music.
Then, we had an open rehearsal, during which we played some of our concert repertoire and the Waterkloof band watched us.  We were very happy to receive so many compliments afterwards.  After all the hard work, we had lots of fun, talking and laughing, with the new friends we made at the school.
Jae-Hee Lee
Rising Third Former
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