Penguins! and Baboons! and Seals! Oh my!


Thursday, June 21


Unfortunately, yesterday was the end of our splendid weather here in South Africa. Until then, our experience of a South African “winter” was full of sunshine and beach weather–more of a nice spring for us Americans–and even though we did go to the beach yesterday, there was no swimming like our trip to Blamberg Beach. Our day was still full of fun though, and the lack of sunshine didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful South African scenery.

   Yesterday started with something of a safari. We took a boat ride from Cape Town to Durker Island where a group of seals lives. Most of us hadn’t seen seals so close up before, and for those of us who didn’t get sea sick, the brisk chill of the sea was a nice wake up call, too. We left our friends, the seals, to meet new ones, the Jackass Penguins of Boulders Beach. The penguins posed on the beach for pictures with their American guests, and we all clamored for the perfect scoop with the cute birdies. Boulders Beach was a British colony until the 1960’s, and before leaving the beach, we stopped for a lunch of fish and chips! We also dipped our toes in the Indian Ocean before we left, just to say that we had done it.
   Then we took a trip to the Cape of Good Hope, and climbed to Cape Point. We sprinted up the mountain to the lighthouse, and posed victoriously at the top. We were particularly excited because this point is not only one of the most southern most parts of Africa, but it is where the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans meet; we were in the middle of a scientific fun fact! On our way back to our host family houses, places which we now call home, even our chaperones slept like babies.
   We didn’t rest for long. We had less than an hour to prepare for our concert later that night. Originally, we were invited to attend a concert featuring our host school Durbanville’s girls choir. The evening was a festival of music, though, and we were asked to play as well. We played two pieces from our repertoire, and heard from Durbanville, DF Milan High School, Tygerverg High School, and another guest school from California. At the end of the concert, we were all dancing to a traditional song in Africaans and meeting new friends from all around the world. We were tired last night, but we had tons of new experiences under our belts.
Johnathan Terry
Rising 6th former
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