A Fond Farewell to Capetown


Friday, June 22

Today was the saddest day that we have experienced so far on our trip to South Africa.

   Unfortunately, our planned trip to Robin Island was canceled due to to maintenance on the ferry and the threat of bad weather. Though the morning was unexpectedly pleasant, the rain did begin to fall midway through the day. We made the most of our nice weather and took a tour of Cape Town. We saw the house of Parliament and “The Castle,” the oldest stone building in Cape Town. After our tour, and a nice walk through the botanical gardens of Cape Town, we went to Signal Hill for a beautiful view of the town and a few more pictures to remember our time here by.
   We left to explore the waterfront. We had visited the waterfront earlier this week, but we didn’t have time to see the shops the way we did today. A group of friends and  I experienced our first burgers from Spur Steakhouse- a real treat. My friends and I went out to the dock after eating and explored the various shops on the waterfront. We came across two magicians doing card tricks while we were shopping, but neither was good enough to earn any money from us. We left from the mall with a little less money in our pockets and headed back to our host family houses to (sob) pack for our early morning departure. We packed and spent some quality time with our hosts and headed to Durbanville for a going away party.
   We took part in an interactive presentation with the Drum Cafe at Durbanville, a fun call and response show. We were all given traditional Djembe African drums and repeated rhythms played to us by the Drum Cafe band. Afterwards we drank hot chocolate and ate South African pancakes (more like crêpes to us) while listening to the a student band from Durbanville rock out to familiar tunes, even the American National Anthem! There was a slideshow of pictures of our trip, and we exchanged gifts with our South African hosts. Even our conductor Mr. Teranella got emotional describing the great times that we had during this week.
   I feel that I’ve become incredibly close with my hose Joganan. It will be incredibly difficult to say goodbye in the morning, but I’ll never forget the great time that I spent with him and his family.
Johnathan Terry
Rising Sixth Former
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