A Day Full of Music


Wednesday, June 20

Today was filled entirely with music. In the morning, we were fortunate enough to visit the Artscape center, which is home to the Capetown Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera Theatre–not unlike the Lincoln Centre in New York. It even houses a classical and jazz radio station.  We were so excited and loud that we penetrated the soundproof rooms where live broadcasting takes place.  We not only went on a private tour of the huge complex, but we also sat in on the philharmonic’s rehearsal! It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Afterwards, our hosts took us out to lunch separately.  My host family took me and Maria (we are both staying with the same host) out to “Steers,” a fast food chain famous for its burgers. But personally, I thought the chips (french fries–I’m enjoying the lingo) were the best part. They are seasoned and WAY better than the ones at McDonald’s.  In the afternoon, we boarded the coach to go to the concert hall at the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre. The stage was absolutely beautiful–I still can’t believe we got the chance to play there! We had a joint concert with two other band groups. The concert went pretty well, provided that it was our first one here.  The pieces were especially exciting because we were so nervous that we started them really quickly. I guess we somehow managed to pull it off because we miraculously received a standing ovation! After an after party and some really sweet desserts, we got back on the bus to ride home. But the music doesn’t stop here–we sang songs all the way home! It really was a day full of music!

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