Cape Town, South Africa

Early this morning we were very fortunate to go to one of the seven wonders of the world – Table mountain. We had a ten minute cable car ride that showed us the stunning views of the coast of South Africa. We spent two hours taking pictures of the coast of Cape Town, enjoying the beautiful landscape, and enjoying the company of friends. After Table Mountain, we had lunch at the V&A waterfront. Some of us ate at McDonald’s, comforted by the familiar food which was so far from home. At McDonald’s we were fortunate enough to see the Junior French National Rugby Team who were in South Africa to play in the World Cup. They were kind enough to take time away from their Big Macs and fries to take pictures with us and even sign autographs. Afterwards we went to the headquarters of the Amy Biehl Foundation, which was made to support children from difficult backgrounds and protect them from bad influences, encouraging their musical and creative ability. There we watched a DVD which talked about Amy Biehl, an American woman who was killed during the political unrest in South Africa. Afterwards we went to one of the Amy Biehl Foundation’s children centers where we performed Mozart’s “Die Zauberflote” and Copland’s “Hoe Down”. The children at the center then gave us a wonderful show full of dancing, singing, and drumming. The kids were extremely talented and there was one girl who had such a beautiful voice.  All the kids at the center were so friendly even though we were complete strangers to them.  Overall, today was a great day filled with awareness and great entertainment.  

Ade Osinubi
Rising 5th former

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