Day 2 – June15


June 15, 2012

Dear Families,


Greetings from the Groton School Chamber Orchestra!

We had our first day of rehearsals today at Groton, starting with a three hour session at 9 AM. After a full week of summer vacation and sleeping in late in the morning, it was unbelievably tough to wake up at 7:30 AM to see the beautiful Groton Circle. But it was great to be back on campus again!

Last night, we each received soft black fleeces with Groton Orchestra, South Africa 2012 embroidered on them. After a nice early breakfast, we made a quick stop at Mr. Commons’ office to present him with a black fleece, customized with “Headmaster” added to it. We all gathered around his office to take a big group picture before we head off from the Circle to South Africa.

Our first rehearsal started out a bit rusty, but we quickly began to get back into our old rhythms. Several students practiced these pieces with the orchestra for the first time today—Tarik, Lillian, and Jae-Hee. They were able to fit right in.

The gorgeous blue skies and warm weather put us in a great mood and some of us enjoyed lunch right on the Circle. In the afternoon, many headed off to Solomon Pond Mall to either buy some last minute goods or watch a movie. Others had a great time in the dorms, engaging in some competitive foosball or Ninja games.

After dinner, we had a long formal rehearsal where we had to dress up in concert attire and do recordings of all of the pieces we will play in South Africa. It was incrediblystrenuous, as we played several pieces again and again until we had played our best and near-perfect. The humid and hot weather, and later the pesky little mosquitoes, were bothersome, but in the end we prevailed against these natural forces and got fabulous recordings of our repertoire with the help of Mr. Hampson, choir director and master of the recording technology.

It was a long day, but we are all very excited for the musical adventure ahead. We can’t wait for it to begin!


Anita Xu ’13

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