South Africa Trip Day 1: Back on Campus

Yo, we’re back on campus! Woot woot! Not for school but for our orchestra trip to South Africa. It’s great to be back as a group with Mr. Terranella (our conductor), Ms. Lanier (our music director), and Ms. Sullivan (French Horner). We will stay on campus until Saturday night- guys in Mongan’s and girls in McDougal’s. It’s nice to get the campus for ourselves, have fun, and not have to do any work. Right now, the McDougal common room is smelly from the leftover lasagna, garlic bread, and Wok from dinner, but we are all happy. It’s hot with excitement of summer and the Game 2 of NBA finals- Miami and Oklahoma. Looks like Miami’s got this game… Oh, also, Cher looks like she’s kind of tired…
Today, we watched a documentary about music in South Africa during the Apartheid. Many South Africans played music during the time as an inspiring, group bonding that moved the country for their freedom from Apartheid. It’s very great for us to be able to travel to such a country when music is big and makes the nation so energetic.
We are off to a great start. I’m excited! We’re excited. Hope you are excited from reading this.
Goeie nag (good night in Afrikaans)
Ulale kakuhle (good night in Xhosa)
There are 11 official languages in South Africa, and that’s a lot to learn!!!
Taichi Kobayashi- Rising 4th Form

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