July 1, 2012: Final Day at the Worksite

Today, we finished our work at Ancopancha, and students worked very hard to tie up all of the loose ends of the project. What started as a derelict building–lacking paint, windows, and any furnishings–ended as a beautiful space, appointed well for community functions. Over the course of the next year, we plan to work with local leaders to finish appointing the space based upon the needs articulated by the community.

After students finished work at mid-day, we all reflected on the significant work we’ve done alongside community members over the course of the last few weeks. Students and adults alike were both gratified and wistful, and we left Ancopacha excited to return to a Pachamanka–an earth oven celebration. Photos from that event will follow tomorrow should we get internet connection in the airport.

We will leave early tomorrow for Cusco and should be at the airport mid-morning. We are hopeful that this last portion of this wonderful trip proceeds smoothly.

Again, thank for sharing your remarkable children with us during the trip.


The building shortly after we arrived

The building as we left

Gen painting the back door

Bobby and Jobe


Nancy and Ani



The group


ChiChi, Diana, and Analia


Will cleaning windows

Sofi painting windows

Morgan taking a break from glazing the mural

Katherine cleaning windows

Jared checking out the skylight

Deki washing windows

Henry and Yowana putting the finishing touches on the window

Annie and Jobe working on the mural

Charlotte lugging hoses (she was sick, but how could we leave her out!)

More to follow.


Nancy, Sarah, Craig, Nishad





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