Groton Peru June 22, 2012: Hike to the Quarries!

Bluebird skies greeted us this morning as we spilled from our homestays and gathered for a hike up to the Inca quarries, where huge monoliths were shaped and transported to Ollantaytambo and used to build the awe-inspiring sun temple.

The altitude and dry, hot weather made the hike labor for some, but we all rallied and made it through the 9+ mile hike. Over the course of the day, we ascended to 12,000 feet and surely felt the altitude in our legs and lungs.

At the quarry, we lingered in the mid-day light and discussed some Inca history and ate lunch. At the top we looked into a cave where skeletons of Inca mummies still remained, which was quite a thrill! We continue to be amazed by the Inca rocks and ruins we find wherever we go.  The descent down to Ollantaytambo was uneventful, and the ice cream thereafter was delectable.  We were very proud of our group at the end of the day. Everyone will sleep well tonight!

Your kids are real superstars, and this is quite an extraordinary setting – the perfect mix of natural beauty and history. We did a tough trek today and even though not everyone was in perfect physical condition, their mental toughness saw them through the trek. It’s wonderful to see them get involved, with such enthusiasm, in every aspect of the program. All we can say is that if you have any repair work that needs to be done at home, particularly plastering, then wait for your chicos to return.



Nishad, Nancy, Sarah, and Craig

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