Standout Year for Groton Admissions

This spring, Groton’s Admission Office had greater success drawing admitted students to the School than ever before.

Over recent years, the percentage of students who accepted offers of admission has ranged between 49 percent and 59 percent. This year, the yield of enrolling students leapt to 66 percent.

“We believe there are many reasons for the progress that we have seen this year,” says Director of Admission Ian Gracey. “Certainly applying families are excited about the Maqubelas’ arrival and the renovation of the Schoolhouse. But both surveys and anecdotal conversations indicate that enrolling families also recognize that Groton offers one of the finest secondary school educations, and offers it in a community where people are committed to each other’s well-being.” Gracey says that while admission officers do the day-to-day work to attract applicants, alumni and parents are raising awareness about Groton as well.

The students joining the community next fall were chosen from the largest number of applicants Groton has seen. Nearly 1,200 applied for 85 openings; the 12.4 percent acceptance rate was among the most selective in American boarding schools. “We tend to receive very strong applications from siblings and legacies at Groton,” Gracey says. “Forty percent of those groups were admitted.”

Incoming students come from 20 states and eight foreign countries, including Pakistan, France, and the Sudan.

“When I review the quality of the people we have admitted, the predominant feeling I have is one of gratitude,” Gracey says. “I am grateful that I live in a community with people who can attract other people with similarly impressive characteristics.”

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