Post Traumatic Stress Expert Speaks Feb. 24

Richard Brewer of One Warrior Won will speak about his own experience with Post Traumatic Stress on February 24 at 7 p.m. in the Schoolhouse Hall.

Earlier in the day, Brewer will speak to students in Groton’s America in Vietnam class. A decorated Marine and law enforcement officer, Brewer views Post Traumatic Stress as an injury suffered by people who are trained to serve and protect the public. He believes that just because the military, police, or first responders are trained to run toward trouble does not mean they are trained to handle the stress that ensues, and in fact, most are expected to just “deal with it.”

Brewer, who survived a terrorist bombing in Beirut in 1984, presents an unvarnished look at his life, which some may find disturbing, touching on a near-suicide and years of dependence on alcohol, but including recovery and sobriety. The presentation will be both raw and enlightening, and all members of the extended Groton community are welcome.

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