Mr. Gula’s 1979 General Knowledge Test – December 2013


During 18 years teaching at Groton, Bob Gula became known for the General Knowledge Tests that he created and proctored each spring. Students didn’t have to take the test, but took it anyhow because it was fun and challenging. Test your knowledge with questions from 1979:

1. January 28, 1979, began the Chinese New Year, the year of the _____.
Answer: Sheep/ Goat

2. The Teddy Bear was named after _______.
Answer: President Theodore Roosevelt

3. What are the names of the four railroads on the standard Monopoly game?
Answer: Pennsylvania, Short Line, Reading, B&O

4. There are ____ sheets of paper in a ream.
Answer: 500

5. What does a seismologist do?
Answer: A seismologist studies earthquakes and the effects that they have on the Earth’s crust. They also study seismic wave activity in order to try to predict when an earthquake will occur.

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