Your Circle Trivia Answer for March 2013

The March Quiz, which focused on five students in front of the Chapel stone in memory of the Rector and Fanny Peabody, was from an ad campaign in the New York Times for Connoisseur magazine’s June 1985 issue. The students were captured following bell ringing practice.

The ad includes a prominent quote from Thomas Hoving, a former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “If every kid in America could get into Groton, we’d have a better country.” Followed by the blurb,

Because it’s the school where they still teach character. Bad manners, sloppy thinking, teenage egomania, antisocial attitudes, and the revival of materialism may prevail from Berkley to New Haven, but not at Groton. It maintains the most rigorous academic and personal standards in the country. Does it work? Virtually all Groton graduates go on to first rate colleges, almost 20 percent to Harvard or Yale. Is it worth it? One graduate commented on his life at Harvard: “It’s so easy after Groton.”

Christopher Stephens ’86 suggested it was from an article that came out in the same era, in Town and Country magazine. He was able to identify Henry Schroder ’86, Manny Veloso ’86, Jon Bross ’87, and Tiff Bingham ’85, but had difficulty identifying the fifth student. Stephen Oh ’89 concurred that Schroeder, Velosco, and Bross were depicted, but then suggested that Sebastian Sears ’89 and Lanny Fuller ’87 completed the quintet.

Following the sage advice of Felix Unger, I will not risk assuming who the final two Grotonians depicted in the photograph are, but will instead open the question back up to the eagle-eyed Groton community.

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