The Trap Shooting Club

On a blustery overcast day in April, ten students headed out to Westford Gun and Hunt Club to spend the afternoon trap shooting. The Trap Shooting Club began in 2009 and has continued as an occasional component of weekend activities at Groton. A regular group of about eight students, this year led by Robert Gooch ’14 and Lauren Dorsey ’14, and a rotating selection of new recruits meet former School physician Peter Johns at the club. All students are required to get parental permission prior to their first outing and are given an hour-long gun safety course before they are allowed on the range.

Two certified gun instructors, in addition to Dr. Johns, guide the students, novice and expert alike, through the circuit, the etiquette, and the safe handling of the firearms. Using single-cartridge shotguns, the novice shooters are taught how to aim, what to look for as the clay pigeons rise and fall from the pull house, and how to correct stance and form. Even novice shooters are able to hit one or two pigeons per round.

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