Erik Nadeau ’14 Leads Sustainable Energy Initiative

erik-largeErik Nadeau ’14 is applying his interest in science and engineering to increasing the use of sustainable energy sources—and educating people about their importance. The student leader of the Student Sustainable Energy Team (SSST), a consortium of students from four area high schools, Erik and his teammates recently conceived and produced a sustainable energy fair in his hometown of Hollis, New Hampshire.

The fair, called Energy Day 2013, brought together businesses and organizations on the cutting edge of renewable energy and provided schoolchildren and area residents a chance to see what alternative and renewable energy look like up close. There were demonstrations about LED light production, energy-efficient home building, and a local Montessori School trumpeting its sustainable facility. A local car dealership displayed plug-in and electric hybrid cars.

Erik’s group has been involved in an ongoing program to install a solar-powered lighting system at the Hollis Department of Public Works. The fair offered information about the gamut of renewable energy technologies, from biomass to hydro power, and presented video of the first fully sustainable city, Masdar in Abu Dhabi.

Erik and his group hope that by educating their neighbors about the variety and effectiveness of new technologies, individuals, towns, and states will find it easier to make smart and informed decisions about long-term energy sources.

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