Mea Culpa Maxima Mea Culpa

It was immediately apparent following the publication of last month’s Peabody Press that I had made an outrageous and downright silly misidentification; my email was flooded with polite, but pointed corrections. To recap my error, in the course of one short paragraph, I managed to mis-transcribe Dan Brewster’s email and incorrectly identify Charlie Sheerin ’43 as my friend and former colleague Charlie Alexander P’79, ’84, ’87, GP’10, ’14, ’16.

So among the long list of apologies that I must make, the first is to Donald Brewster ‘63 for suggesting that the photo editor of Groton’s yearbook couldn’t tell Charlie Alexander from Charlie Sheerin. An apology also to Charlie Alexander for not correctly identifying him in the picture of the football coaches of the 1962 team. And last but not least, an apology to Charlie Sheerin for incorrectly placing him in the photograph. I will endeavor from here forward to be much more careful in my attributions and identifications.


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