Hooray for Hollywood!

film-largerRubbing elbows with the alumni from one’s college is often a mundane affair. Not so for Paul MacCarty ’12, a freshman at Emerson College. Paul’s first Emerson alumni reception included well-known television and movie producers, creators, writers, and directors. The kick of it was they came to the event to see his movie, a short documentary, The King of the House.

Paul’s documentary was chosen as one of five finalists out of 130 submissions for Emerson College’s Film Festival, which takes place each year in Los Angeles. The only freshman of the group, his fellow finalists included three recent graduates and one junior; Paul was surprised at how easy it was to speak to the audience following the screening of his film versus how daunting it seemed beforehand. The film was received warmly, and Paul had the opportunity to make contacts with many of the West Coast Emerson graduates who are living and working in the film industry.

Congratulations Paul!

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