Groton Weathers the Storm

Groton School is counting its blessings—we didn’t lose power or need to cancel classes because of Hurricane Sandy. A few trees came down near the Dome and Parents House, but no one was hurt and buildings were not damaged.

The School had prepared for a harder hit—Buildings and Grounds had checked all emergency generators days before the storm arrived, the Dining Hall was stocked with food and water, and the School’s Crisis Response Team monitored the storm and met during the weekend to plan for the potential emergency.

In the end, the only disruption was on Monday. Dinner started and ended early, at 6 p.m., and students were required to be in their dorms, and to stay there, at 6:30 p.m. Club meetings and community service outings were cancelled.

On Tuesday morning, in Chapel, Rev. Beth Humphrey offered this prayer:

“We give thanks for our blessings, for our safety in this place and all who have worked so tirelessly during the past few days to keep us from danger, for sunshine after rain, for our friends and families, for small acts of kindness and politeness.

We pray for all those who are affected by the storm, especially for our families and friends. Comfort all who grieve their losses, strengthen those who face destruction of homes, memories, and livelihoods, sustain all who are without power or water or other needed essentials.

We pray for police, hospital staffs, utility workers, and all others who bring relief and assistance to others. Fill our hearts with compassion and generosity for all in need.

As we face our fears, may we know the assurance of your presence with us, now and always. Amen.”

Thanks to Buildings and Grounds for an Awesome cleanup!

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