Service Starts on Day One

Service Starts on Day OneThe start of the school year means the restarting of Groton’s active community service program. Having built a number of important relationships with community groups in and beyond the Town of Groton, Groton School students are welcomed back with open arms each fall. This year is no different. Seven Upper School students, who have opted to join the Community Service Faculty Sponsored Activity (FSA), leave the Circle three afternoons a week to travel to Lowell and the Lowell Community School. While there they help the charter school students with homework, tutoring, and just playing games.

Each Sunday, as many as a half-dozen students leave campus to serve dinner to the residents of Our Father’s House in Fitchburg. The Dining Hall prepares the meal, the students pick it up, a faculty member drives and accompanies them, and the students serve the meal to the residents. Five of Groton’s Second Formers jumped into service with Director of Athletics Bob Low on the very first weekend of the year: Victoria Wahba, Ella Anderson, Tripp Stup, Cherian Yit, and Kei Nawa.

Not to be outdone, the Groton football team put aside the Xs and Os for service last Friday. Partnering with the Town of Groton’s Groton Community Dinner program, they helped prepare, serve, and clean up after the September Community Dinner. The Community Dinner serves local families and individuals a healthy hot meal on the fourth Friday of each month. In October, during Groton’s Month of Service, we are asking extended Groton family members who may be in the area on Friday, October 26 to volunteer to serve this meal. Please contact Sarah Palomo, the faculty head of Groton Community Service, if you would like to hear more about this service opportunity.

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