Where on the Circle? Crew Trivia

Crew Trivia
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Responses to June’s Trivia Question

The most complete response came from Mathew Hudson ’64, who correctly identified this picture as one of the Groton rowers who participated in the 1964 Henley Regatta. He also noted that it was the first time that the Groton boats used shovel blades on their oars, and that the boys used a Ratzeburg Rowing Club technique for their rigging. Nason Hamlin ’64 pointed out that they rowed in using the “Italian” style: the #2, #3, #6, and #7 all rowing on the left side, the #1, #4, #5, and #8 rowing on the right side. Though the boat lost in the final race to Washington and Lee High School in Washington, D.C., it was the trip of a lifetime. Tom Moser, also from the Form of 1964, recognized his formmates immediately and noted that he is looking forward to their 50th Reunion this spring!

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