Host an International Student

by Cort Pomeroy

For many of our students, home can be hundreds or thousands of miles away from campus. To help new international students and even some domestic students feel more comfortable as they adjust to life on the Circle, in 2009 we created a Host Family Program. For new students, who may initially miss home, we hope that current and former day student families can provide a much needed “home away from home.”

The expectations of host families are flexible and based on an individual student’s needs and what a host family is capable of offering. The overall goal of the program is to provide an additional layer of support for new students. This support may come in the form of a phone call, an email, a trip to CVS, the occasional home-cooked meal, some freshly baked cookies during exam week, a cheer from the sidelines during an athletic contest, or an offer to spend a long holiday weekend with you and your family. Over Fall and Spring Long Weekends, the students for whom we are seeking hosts are often the only ones left in the dorms. The campus is closed for Winter Long Weekend. You are not expected to host your student during all of these times, but it would be wonderful if you could host him/her for some of these occasions.

While the potential benefits for our new students are numerous, we also feel that the Host Family Program provides a unique opportunity to get to know Groton’s increasingly diverse community. We hope that by sharing your home life with a student from Beijing, Atlanta, Mexico, or England, you will also have an enriching, formative experience.

If you have already served as a host family and would like to do so again or are interested in becoming a host family for the first time, please email me at I am happy to answer any additional questions and/or connect you to previous host families. If you have a specific request (name, gender, grade, country, etc.), please let me know. Currently, the number of new students seeking host families is greater than our pool of host families. I look forward to hearing from you!

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