Paces for FACES—Walk-a-Thon Sunday

On Sunday, May 20, Groton students spent their afternoon walking around the Circle—around and around and around the Circle. Their goal? To walk the distance that many members of the Maasai tribe in Kenya must walk to school each day—three miles.

Why? To raise money for one student, a girl named Jennifer, to ensure that she will be able to attend all four years of high school. The cost of Jennifer’s education for four years is $3,000, an exorbitant sum for a Maasai family to consider, especially for the education of a daughter.

Before Sunday’s walk-a-thon, Groton students, including Sixth Formers Nya Holder, Elizabeth MeLampy, and Carly Margolis, had raised $1,500 for FACES—the Fund for the Advancement of Care and Education in Shompole, created to support education in the Maasai town of Oloika. Sunday’s walk-a-thon, called Paces for FACES, raised additional funding while encouraging Groton students to consider that simply getting to school is a hurdle some teenagers must face every day.

The Groton group also sold reusable water bottles, both to encourage students to reduce their reliance on plastic and to keep the walkers hydrated. An accompanying shoe drive, Laces for FACES, collected gently used shoes for the Kenyan village.

The Groton students are determined to fulfill a promise they made to the young women of Oloika—to support their pursuit of a high school education.

Groton students first learned about the difficulties facing Maasai girls’ education during the School’s global service trips to the Shompole region in Kenya, beginning in the summer of 2009.

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