Hot Off the Presses: The Spring Groton Quarterly

The Spring Groton Quarterly will be landing in mailboxes any day. It’s also available online.

The cover story, “Glimpses of War,” includes letters, diaries, and other reflections written by Grotonians who served in various wars, from WWI to today. You’ll read excerpts from the diaries of Dillwyn Parrish Starr, Form of 1904, who was killed in action during WWI; letters that David Lawrence ’63 wrote from Vietnam; an homage to Major General Arthur Jacques “Jake” Poillon ’43, who served in three wars; a vivid description of the night Saddam Hussein set Kuwait’s oilfields on fire during the Persian Gulf War, by pilot Sherman Baldwin ’82; a revealing speech by Ann Gildroy Fox ’94, who served three tours in Iraq with the U.S. Marines; and a recent missive from John Noh ’06, a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

In this quarterly, you’ll also meet Anna and Flora, two girls from Tanzania who are spending the spring term here on the Circle. And you’ll read about PK Robbins ’82, a vet at the San Diego Zoo; Graham Buck ’95, a speechwriter for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg; and Bert Hall, science teacher, engineer, and avid cyclist. Plus campus news, gallery news, theater photos, Chapel Talks, Form Notes, and much more.

Enjoy the spring issue. Feel free to send feedback or letters to the editor to

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