Tanzanian Students Spend Spring Term at Groton

Tanzanian Students Spend Spring Term at Groton

Since 2010, Groton students have visited the Orkeeswa School in a Maasai village in Tanzania. This spring, Groton has become the host, welcoming two of the Orkeeswa students to the Circle.

Anna Tataya Mollel and Flora Kipapurwa Lukumay are enrolled for the term, taking Third Form English, Environmental Science, Geometry, Studio Art, and Public Speaking, and playing JV lacrosse. Cindy Beams, wife of Dean of Students Fred Beams, spent several weeks in Tanzania this winter, helping prepare Anna and Flora for their trip.

Cindy is working with filmmaker Lizzy Nichols, who is preparing a documentary about Anna and Flora’s visit to Groton. She is filming at various times during the girls’ classes and activities, as well as in the dorm. The School will approve the documentary before any public release. If you have any questions or concerns about the documentary or the likelihood of your child appearing in it, please email communications@groton.org.

Watch out for the Spring Groton School Quarterly, coming to your mailbox in mid-May—it contains more photos and information about Anna and Flora.

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