Who on the Circle?

There were lots of submissions for the December edition of “Where on the Circle,” and many of them were correct or nearly correct. Most respondents recognized the starting lineup of of Groton’s undefeated varsity ice hockey team of 1957; the only member missing is Frank Hill ’57, who died a few years before the picture was taken. The men in the photograph, left to right, are Kenny MacLean ’57, Coach Junie O’Brien, Gordon Gund ’57, Hugh Scott ’57, Bill Polk ’58, and Stewart Forbes ’57. A few entries guessed that it was a reunion of the team, but in fact it was taken at the dedication of the Frank “Junie” O’Brien Rink on January 19, 2003.

We received an extensive history of the team from Bob Radsch ’61 that included details we were not aware of. Gordon Gund was reportedly a master defender, along with Captain Ken MacLean, the defensive bulwark for the team. Hugh Scott and Stu Forbes were wingers for the first line, and Bill Polk was the team’s impenetrable goalie. The team scored 53 goals that year and let in only nine in ten contests. Stu and Ken would go on to play hockey in college, as would Hugh. Stu went off to Harvard and Ken to Yale, meeting at center ice as captains. Hugh had a storied hockey career at Princeton, serving as an alternate captain for the Tigers. Three college captains from one team, and what a team it was.

The winner of this month’s T-shirt: Pen Williamson ’59


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