For Groton’s Birthday a New Tradition: A Day of Service

Groton’s birthday is always something to celebrate. This year on October 15th, in addition to the usual traditions of birthday cakes and serenades involving an alumnus wielding a kitchen knife, Groton celebrated its 127th birthday by beginning a new tradition: a Groton Day of Service with events small and large in over five cities around the country. In North Carolina, Groton students, home for the Long Weekend, helped with a book drive for a new residential facility for homeless men and women. In San Francisco, Grotonians cleaned up the Ocean Beach section of the Golden Gate National Park. In Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles members of the Groton family helped out at food banks, and in the NYC area we planted gardens and assisted in a program supporting underprivileged mothers.

Other Grotonians took part in service in their towns. The family of a new Groton student helped to clean-up and refurbish the White Spur Park, a neighborhood park in the El Paso’s Upper Valley. In Columbia, South Carolina, another Groton parent helped resurrect a community garden in The Historic Wales Garden neighborhood of Columbia.

In the years ahead, this initiative will spread across the country and around the globe, embracing, sharing, and expanding Groton’s commitment to service. More information will be shared in the winter issue of The Groton School Quarterly.

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