Snow Day!

SNOW DAY!  Yes, Groton School called what may be its first-ever snow day for students and faculty on Wednesday, February 2.  As the faculty huddled for mid-term meetings on Tuesday evening, a serious and thoughtful question was lobbed into the midst of the assembled academics, “Why not give the kids a snow day, with no strings?” With yet another intense winter storm bearing down on the Northeast corridor, it was evident that getting to work early enough the next morning to start the school day on time was going to prove a challenge for the staff at Buildings and Grounds and the Dining Hall. Athletic contests had already been canceled for the following afternoon.  After much discussion about the relative impact on class plans and parsing the long-term scheduling implications, the faculty and administration decided to vote in favor of celebrating the joys of a winter storm.  The news was conveyed casually at check-in, but the response by students was met by shock, awe, and then spontaneous joy, for a snow day seemed an impossible thing for a Groton student to expect.

Wednesday morning brought snow and more snow and more snow.  Students were able to sleep late – brunch was the first meal of the day in the Dining Hall –and everyone had the opportunity to either play in the ever deepening snow or hibernate in their rooms with a good book or catch up on homework.  Those students feeling energetic helped shovel the steps and pathways to their dorms, with the help of a couple dozen brightly colored snow shovels provided by the Deans Office.

All in all it was a delightful, if unprecedented, winter’s day on the Circle.

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