Acts_ Of Kindness: Troubadour of Good Deeds


A peculiar wordsmith has visited Groton in recent days.  Speculation is abound as to the identity of this author–part bard, part poet, and all enigma–yet no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility. Whoever this mysterious person may be, they have created a buzz on the Circle.

Acts_ Of Kindness

Who is this mysterious crusader?


Monday morning, an email was posted to one of our public forums.  The sender’s name: Acts_ Of Kindness.  The subject line read, “a modest proposal.”  The body of the email cryptically and playfully requested that members of the Groton community reply to the sender with descriptions of kind acts and good deeds they witness throughout the day.  The author signed off with an eerie, “Let the experiment begin.”

As promised, another email was posted on Monday afternoon.  It poetically described the kind acts sent to the Acts_ Of Kindness account, and encouraged readers to send in more stories.  It didn’t take long for students, faculty, and staff to begin to question just who this mysterious crusader against the slush and ice of February might be.

Tim Hutchinson of the IT Department had been asked so many times if it was he who crafted these creative prose, that he felt compelled to post a denial to the very same conference where the paladin now know as “AOK” had posted his curious email.

Check-ins were monopolized by conversations around who this mysterious good deeds collector may be.  Why was this illusive enigma collecting, recomposing, and cataloging kindness on the Circle?  What were AOK’s motives?

One student did catch AOK online and struck up a chat via FirstClass.  Asked why he or she was doing this, AOK replied, “ The goal is to achieve school domination.  I have received more beautiful stories about random acts of kindness than everyone in the world.  It has given me the ability to develop a huge reputation.”  When asked if AOK was a particular third former, AOK responded with a cheeky, “I sure am.  Gotta go—good chatting—go get a sandwich.”







Email from Acts_ Of Kindness sent on Monday, March 1, 2011:

odd tricklings yesterday. slush left black, wet, shiny pavement behind as the sun returns for the march. some grace

a bellringer plays despite precal and lifts up the most important things that need to be lifted

only they aren’t things

a boy sips a Palmer gifted him by another
and describes “delicious”
to the whole of it

a girl invited in to a too-warm room on a too-cold night
perfectly comfortable

a girl is helped in a flash by another
who should have then been singing
sing she does

a boy calls us to call our moms
and some of us do
a little baby stays mostly quiet in a chapel
but lets us know she’s there
in the midst of it all

and old man winter
seemed bound to leave these parts


what have you got?
actor or acted upon: tell me
let the story grow




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