Astonishing Tales Returns to the Circle

Henry Bloomfield '07 and Davis Vigneault '07

Groton welcomed formmates Henry Bloomfield ’07 and Davis Vigneault ’07 back to the Circle in early January for a Saturday night concert.  Together they are Astonishing Tales and play a repertoire of original music with a sound that the NY Daily News recently described as“…a jazzier Radiohead with Ben Folds on piano. Got it?”

The pair has played together beginning in the Fifth Form.  Keeping their musical connection intact after Groton has been challenging, but rewarding.  At regular intervals, either Henry, a senior at Oberlin College in Ohio, or Davis at Tufts University in Massachusetts makes the trek to the other’s location.  They set aside the time and play music intensively for as long as they can afford and then return to their academic and collegiate commitments.  They supplement these musical interludes by playing in the summertime, with concerts and coffee houses in the Boston area.  The duo has just recently begun to make a splash in New York City.

Their concert at Groton was opened by Sixth Former and singer-songwriter Sage Redman.

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