Day 3: 9/11 Museum and Metropolitan Opera

Greetings from NYC! Ivana here. The Groton Chamber Orchestra/Jazz Band crew had a very full tourist-y type day, not a single note of playing. We started the chilly Valentine’s day with a trip to the 9/11 memorial museum. After a bit of trudging in the muck, and the epic search for lunch, we rightfully took our places in the Metropolitan Opera house for the matinee show. This afternoon, we saw two one-act operas, Iolanta and Bluebeard’s Castle, both of which had spectacular singers and excellent Tchaikovsky/Bartok music played by their symphony orchestra. Although a combination of the comfy seats, the dark, and beautiful music weighed our eyelids down, the show was very impressive and super vibrant in one of the biggest auditoriums in the world. During intermission (between the two one-acts), a few of us snuck a peek at the orchestra pit. I confess their massive numbers intimidated me, compared to the Groton school ensembles.
Post-four-and-a-half-hour opera, echoes of the light, Judith, and Tchaikovsky music, we stretched out our legs, wandered Times Square, then ate our hearts away at John’s Pizzeria and my goodness, those cannolis were heavenly (I had five). And after such indulgences, we arrive back at the Hilton, to lay our heads after a long day to rest.

-Ivana Primero ‘17

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