New York-Day 2

Day 2-Part One

The day began at 12:01 AM with Ms. Ginsberg on a heroic journey to retrieve her instrument and Alex Taber’s bow. With a bassoon in one hand and a bass bow in the other, she flew through the night under the glistening moon. “Half” of the musicians were scheduled to have breakfast at 8 am, although it seemed like some may have decided to sleep in. After breakfast, we made a punctual departure at 9:30 heading over to Dwight-Englewood School, which runs from K to 12. We started our time there with some rehearsal, and then we wandered over to the dining hall for a nice surprise. Dwight-Englewood is also catered by Flik dining; it was like we never left Groton. Afterwards was the concert. They claimed we were playing “with” them; however, it seemed more like we were playing against them. We performed Battle of the Bands style, with Groton Orchestra playing one piece, and their orchestra playing another. Both orchestras were amazing, and after the orchestras played Jazz Band rocked the house. The only downside of the day was that the musicians did not get to mingle. As one member of the Dwight-Englewood orchestra so eloquently put it after the concert, “They were awesome, wait, don’t we get to mingle?”

-Alex Taber ’16 and Candace Tong-Li ‘16

Day 2-Part Two Coming Soon
We are all floating on cloud nine after seeing a performance by the amazing Dianne Reeves and her band in the Rose Theater of Jazz at Lincoln Center!

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