New York Trip Day One

New York trip day one:

Hey guys we are just about to go to bed here in Ridgefield, New Jersey. This morning after a final few classes we departed promptly despite having to shovel the bus out of a snowbank. Around 3:30 in the afternoon we arrived in New York City. Arriving earlier than planned, we stopped at Columbia University for a tour given by three Groton alumni Charlotte Davies ’11, Max Lindemann ’11, and Yowana Wamala’14. After the tour we went to Carmine’s for a group dinner, before heading to our hotel, where we spent our evening relaxing in the pool and other hotel facilities. Tomorrow we will go to a private day school to do some music exchange with students there, and go to hear jazz musician Dianna Reeves, who has recently won the Grammy’s Jazz Album of the Year. We are all in high spirits and can’t wait to play. So far, our trip has been a bundle of fun and we are really looking forward to spending the rest of our long weekend here.

Michael and Jenna

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