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Below are some photographs and some news from David about their India trip.


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We are just back from a morning trip to the bazaar. We arrived just as the shops were opening and it was less crowded making for a relaxed walk. The homes in the alleys off the market were as interesting as the shops and we felt that we were in a different place as we walked through the narrow passageways. We had our last day at the Street Smart program yesterday and then again spent time at the Panchayat program on campus working with the local kids on campus. The Groton students will say their goodbyes to this group this afternoon which will be sad given the connections they have made with the children. This evening is the house feast and Kashmir and Jaipur houses are competing to try to get the girls to come.

Tomorrow we leave campus at 7:30 for the village in the hills; we will spend the morning there, returning after lunch. The girls will spend the afternoon hanging out with the Doon students, who areĀ nervousĀ about the exam week coming up. On Monday we head south to the Rajaji area, and I fear that there will be no internet of any kind at Camp Tusker, so the stories and pictures will have to wait for our return to campus.

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