Soul Sauce in Cuba

What would allow a gangly group of American teenagers access into the secretive, communist country of Cuba? Apparently, jazz music. This summer, nineteen students from Groton, members of the campus jazz band “Soul Sauce”, will have the amazing opportunity to travel … Read More

The Miracle Worker

This Spring, Groton’s theater program presented “The Miracle Worker,” a timeless production which captures Helen Keller (1880-1968) in her youth, and emphasizes a pivotal moment in her life: the introduction of the patient and unyielding Annie Sullivan as her teacher. … Read More

All Geared Up

For years, schools across the country have been giving out varsity jackets to their athletes. Likewise, here at Groton many varsity athletes receive apparel from their respective teams as well. However, this practice is isolated to the varsity level. Thus, … Read More