Winter FSA’s

Art FSA 3 (by Candace T-L) -Candace Tong-LiEvery term, Upper School students with a specialized skill or  interest in trying something new spend their afternoons working to develop their passions. FSAs vary from the arts and sports not offered at Groton to projects which don’t fall into either category. This is the case for Daisy Collins ’15. She is working on a compilation of interviews of Groton students. Their identities will be kept anonymous,but an unidentifiable picture of each will be taken (for example, a hand, a foot, etc.). In these interviews, Daisy tries to learn more about the person, asking each to share whatever he or she feels comfortable sharing  so that she can understand each person better; it is a compilation of people’s stories. She came up with her FSA when she read a quote by Miller Williams. The most important line to her is, “You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.” She wants to know about those wars and let people know that someone is listening.

Echo Zhuge ’16 taught herself the art of papercutting two years ago. After taking a course in papercutting at her former school, she learned more complicated forms from her dad’s friend, who has been papercutting for fifty years. Some of her pieces have taken hours to complete. Examples of her craftsmanship can be found on social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook. She is working towards completing a portfolio of her work this term and also improving her skills.              

Sophie Song ’16 is also doing an art FSA. She is painting a scene from The Catcher In the Rye at the moment, and her following works will also be inspired by books that she has read, such as The Kite Runner. Although her current piece is a scene, she will probably paint symbols or scenery in her next paintings as well. Her FSA idea came together after she spent the summer reading. She wanted to understand the books she had read more deeply and she found that painting subjects from the books was a helpful way of understanding them.

Danny Lopez ’15 is making graffiti posters, as he did last year. This year’s FSA, however, is inspired mostly by the human anatomy. He has done graffiti since sixth grade but stopped when he came to Groton in third form. When the opportunity to start again presented itself, he jumped at it. His main goal for his work is for it to be thought provoking; he wants to make a statement.

Candace Tong-Li ’16 is making children’s picture books. She illustrated her latest picture book using the computer, and she titled it The Puppy Prince. She chose this project because she wanted to combine her love of drawing, animals, and science. She has incorporated science by writing the stories about topics such as nature and dinosaurs.

Groton is a place for the arts as well as the athletics, and FSAs will continue to encourage potential artists to add to their work.

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