Thanksgiving Stories

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what we have in the world. For some of us, it’s a time to be with family, friends and dearly beloved ones; for others, it is an escape from exam week; and for some of us it’s the day before the Black Friday shopping spree. It is a time to stuff ourselves full of turkey, potatoes and gravy, and a time to kick back, relax and enjoy the day. I spent my first Thanksgiving on an air mattress, welcomed into a home in which I was almost a complete stranger for a delightful Thanksgiving dinner.

While I am sure most of us spent the majority of the holiday sleeping in until noon, streaming movies off of the internet and just having a good time, there were several unique events that took place (no matter how unwilling people were to actually share them) in the lives of the 371 Grotonians and 93 faculty members around the circle. So without further ado, what DID people do over Thanksgiving?

Temba Maqubela enjoyed a basketball tournament with his family who came from all over the country. Afterwards, pumpkin, apple and pecan pies were the treat of the day in addition to a delicious red pudding cooked by none other than Groton’s own Mr. Freeman-Coppadge. Clearly, there was no shortage of dessert.

Mike Adubuffour ’17 tried out baseball for the very first time, and hit a great triple during his very first at-bat. Not bad for a rookie at all. Considering the triple is one of the rarest shots in the sport, I think Mike has a pretty bright future in baseball. Maybe we’ll all find out as spring time comes?

Ryan Voon ’14 took a trip all the way back to Hong Kong, along with George Zhai ’18, Claudia Oei ’18 and other students for a wonderful reunion with their family and friends – even sacrificing their sleep schedules and going through jet lag upon return ingto the Circle. The Davidoff brothers (Nico ’17 and Yan ’18) returned to Mexico to have a great Thanksgiving with their family.

In the spirit of Hanukkah, the Kendall (Isabel Kendall ’17) family created a cheerful short Hanukkah jingle, which I had the great privilege of hearing.

The holiday spirit was not quite enough for everybody though: while the rest of us watched movies and slept in, a few very studious Fifth Formers kept up the working spirit, attending SAT camps in preparation for the most important and terrible test of their lives.

Sully Hamdan ’17 ate five pounds of Turkey over the break (and none of that was even on Thanksgiving), and enjoyed ham on Thursday.

Dr. Reyes decided to change it up a bit, tasting a delicious Thanksgiving pizza for the first time, with stuffed turkey and apple toppings, a food combination that I’m sure we would all enjoy.

Michael Gates ’15 got busy during his Thanksgiving holiday and encountered a wild bear during his week – Surely a hair-raising experience and a “bear-y” memorable time.

Food seems to be a recurring theme throughout people’s holidays. Some Grotonians had pies dropped on their dresses, and Victor Liu ’17 had a hot pot dinner instead of turkey, which would have been way too mainstream.

Congratulations to Carrie Moore ‘17, whose sister got engaged over the holiday!

Yolanda Dong ’17 decided to up the ante this break, taking Thanksgiving all the way to Italy, travelling across Rome, Venice and Florence. She was able to have a great time even with a surprising lack of Starbucks in the country. Food wasn’t a problem, though, as she enjoyed some wonderful authentic Italian cuisine, with “the best pizza she’s ever had.” I don’t know about you, but I think Thursday lunch is some pretty tough stuff to compete against.

As the age old saying goes: “nobody is the same,” and these unique stories are always the best. Thanks to everyone for contributing to this article and I’m sure all 371 of us had an awesome Thanksgiving break. Remember to keep making those special memories because those are the ones that will stay with us the longest, long after the mundane routines of daily life have been forgotten. We weren’t far from the next holiday when we came back and now that holiday is knocking the door, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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