JV Puck: The Legend Continues

The pride of all Groton sports. The team with the most dedicated men to ever set foot on ice.  A Groton tradition unlike any other.After a successful 2012-13 campaign, the boys’ JV puck squad  is marching into this season through uncharted waters after losing the incalculable contributions of Tanner Coffin’16 and Kei Nawa’17.

Even with the departure of the two former stars, the culture of the team has not changed in the slightest under Coach John Lyons. “I always expect that my team is in phenomenal physical shape. We may not always have the skill, but we will never be tired in the third period,” he said. Mr. Lyons’ philosophy has had a tremendous impact on JV Puck players. “The diameter of my biceps has doubled under the intense drilling of Coach Lyons,” said Charlie Patton ’16.

Another component of Mr. Lyons’ puck philosophy is finding a balance between a competitive drive and a laid-back atmosphere. According to Mr. Lyons, “It’s all about finding a balance between laughing and winning. There are some games where we really want to win and others where everyone can play.” The result of this is a team chemistry that is unparalleled in its strength.

When asked about what it means to be a member of JV Puck, Bob Congdon ‘15 remarked, “It’s truly an honor to skate with such a group of exemplary gentlemen. The overall minimal effort displayed makes the squad what it is.” Jonathan Briggs ’16, however, holds a different opinion than that of Bob. “Man, those kids really know how to sling the puck up and down the ice. But it sure as heck is nothing like watching my Sharks play. If we could emulate the bone-shattering hits of Vlasic or Marleau’s snips, then we’d be unstoppable.”

As the team embarks on a new season, there is much to look forward to. The impact of newcomers and the return of veteran skaters promise fans a season to remember. Avid puck fan Taichi Kobayashi ’15 said, “After attending every practice and game last year, I know what these boys are made of.  Anything less than an undefeated season would be a failure in my book.” For so many of these players, JV Puck is more than just a game for them.

For these boys, “Puck is life.”

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