Cory Varrell Strengthens Groton

Cory Varrell, the strength and conditioning coach, works with our Groton sports teams year round in order to improve players’ physical agility and strength. He also oversees and helps the athletes who choose conditioning for a season. Cory helps teams with their footwork, endurance, strength, and form. Teams enjoy working with Cory because of his clever drills and positive attitude. Although seeing Cory walk onto your field may mean physical pain, students love having his fun personality and athletic insight around.

As well as team training, if individuals needs help in certain areas, Cory always knows what to do and designs custom workouts to help them achieve their goal. Upon my asking him about fall conditioning, Cory said he was excited not only for the thirty fresh faces hoping to improve their physical ability and prepare for their upcoming sport, but also for the new separate cardio and weight rooms he and Mr. Low worked hard to set up before students and athletes arrived this fall.

Cory continued to help kids train at Groton over the summer; many athletes participated in this program, and found it extremely helpful for staying in shape. When Frank Bruni ‘15 was asked about working with Cory during the summer, he remarked, “I have transformed from an animal to a beast because of Cory’s training.”

Cory has noticed a large margin of improvement in students’ foot speed, running form, body awareness, and strength; he commented, “It’s been a pleasure to see how hard the Groton student-athletes are willing to work and improve.” Athletes train differently, however, and Cory provides them with the exercises that will benefit them the most and enable them to be the best they can be. Gracie Liggett ‘15, who trained with Cory during the spring, said, “He will take the time to make a personalized work out for you; he cares about each individual athlete and knows how to motivate you.” Groton is lucky to have such an invested and knowledgeable trainer working with our teams.

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