Athlete of the Issue: Addie Ewald

Fierce on the field, competitive on the course, and a true teammate, Addie Ewald could not be a better athlete or person. Ever since she first arrived on the Circle, Addie has greatly contributed to both the lacrosse and cross-country teams of Groton. Groton’s athletic community has expressed their appreciation and respect of her efforts and accomplishments.

Addie started playing lacrosse in fourth grade. According to Addie, her mom “literally just stuck sticks in my hands,” and after falling in love with the sport, she has been playing ever since. For Addie, coming to Groton was a big step in her lacrosse career. Her highlight moment was when she made the Groton Girls Varsity Lacrosse team her first year at Groton. In fact, she had spent the entire year up until spring anxious to find out if she would make the team or not. From there, she worked hard and became one of the team’s captains in her junior year. “Addie is one of the most dedicated lacrosse players that we have and she has worked hard out of season to improve her stick skills,” said Mrs. Gracey, head coach of the girls’ Varsity lacrosse team. “Playing in the summer time as well has really helped her to become the standout player that she is.” Incredibly committed to her sport, Addie also plays a lot of club lacrosse outside of school. Not only does Addie have great lacrosse prowess, she is also known to be an enthusiastic and encouraging team player. “There are four really simple things that make Addie such an amazing athlete and teammate. She is talented, modest, hardworking, and she always puts the team over herself. Those are the most important qualities I would ask for in a teammate and it’s a privilege to be able to play and run with her,” said Ellie Dolan ’15, who runs cross country and plays lacrosse with Addie.

Addie Ewald outruns her ISL competition.

Addie Ewald outruns her ISL competition.

Addie is a captain of the girls’ cross-country team, and her leadership and encouragement spur the team on to its achievements. Before coming to Groton, Addie was on her middle school’s track team, in which her best event was the 400-meter sprint. Addie joined the cross country team on a whim, as she wanted to continue running. “I liked [cross country] even more than track,” Addie said. The best moment in her running career happened last year before Parent’s Weekend. By coincidence Addie had become the first runner for Groton, and ended up placing first in the whole race. “It was the first race I had ever won, and I had never ever thought it would come to that,” she said. Addie can always be seen leading the team through the woods of the Triangle and cheering for her teammates as they run through the flags at a meet. Just like in lacrosse, she became one of the team’s captains while still in junior year. “Addie is a fantastic runner, obviously, but what impresses me most about her is her generosity of spirit–she’s thus a wonderful conundrum–kind and gentle soul who is also fantastically competitive and tough. Kind of perfect,” said Mr. Gemmell, head coach of the girls’ cross-country team at Groton. Addie also ran a half-marathon after training during Winter Running, which she considers a huge breakthrough in her running career. Although cross country is an individual sport, Addie brings the team together with her constant motivation and bright smile.

Next year, Addie will be taking her athleticism to Princeton University, where she will be playing lacrosse. All of her coaches and teammates are extremely excited for her and this great opportunity. However, Addie’s fierce competitive spirit and cheerful supportiveness will be sorely missed on both on the lacrosse field and the cross-country course.

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