Welcome to the Circle: Math Department

mathTim LeRoy arrived on the Circle from Cardigan Mountain School, a junior boarding school  in Canaan, NH. He decided to come here because Groton reminded him of the small, intimate community of Cardigan Mountain School. He also wanted the challenge of teaching older kids. Most importantly, Mr. LeRoy came so that he can be closer to his fiancée, Ms. Leatherbee. In addition to teaching Algebra 1 and affiliating at Clement’s dorm, Mr. LeRoy’s biggest role is directing the Student Activities Committee (SAC). He is a coach of three varsity teams: Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ Hockey, and Baseball. Despite always being busy, Mr. Leroy loves his fellow faculty members, the students, and the food.

An avid golfer and hiker, Mr. LeRoy hails from Queensbury, New York, where he attended the local public schools before studying at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. His family includes a dog, Bruschi. He loves visiting relatives. In addition, his favorite movies are Castaway and the hockey film Slap Shot.

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