Student Clubs and Activities


The following is a list of clubs that have existed for at least a year, meet on a regular basis, and have at least ten members.


Humanist Group

Heads: Bruce Ramphal ’15, Kasumi Quinlan ’15

Though not officially a religious alternative, the Humanist Group is attempting to create another space for students to fulfill their religious requirement, by providing a discussion space for those who are not religiously affiliated or who are atheist, or even those who already attend a religious service. Meeting every week in the admissions office and led by David Black, the group discusses a prompt about spirituality and follow up with scintillating discussion.

Christian Fellowship

Heads:  Evan Long ’14, Mimi Fiertz ’14, Robert Gooch ’15

The Christian Fellowship is a welcoming organization that encourages anybody regardless of religious affiliation to come and talk about Christian issues. The main focus gravitates around matters of faith, and aims at discussing how faith impacts lives, both in and out of Groton. Meetings are usually on Fridays for about an hour and engage students in a dynamic mood, with games, short readings and delicious snacks.

Young Republicans / Young Democrats

Heads: Gates McGavick ’15, Simon Colloredo-Mansfeld ’15, Annie McCreery ’15, Rachel Hardej ’15 / Brittany Zhang ’15, Malik Jabati ’15

Two clubs representing the two major political parties of America. Both have separate and joint meetings to discuss pressing political issues. All are welcome, regardless of political affiliations.

Cultural Alliance

Heads: Chelsea Alexander ’14, Daisy Collins ’15, Ade Osinubi ’14

A place for everyone to discuss racial issues, whether one identifies as a minority or not, Cultural Alliance is currently headed by Ronald Dixon. It is always a great place to have an interesting discussion about cultural issues, and everyone is welcome.


Heads: Bruce Ramphal ’15, Wyatt Prill ’14, Lauren Dorsey ’14

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club whose goals are both to openly talk about issues pertaining to homosexuality both on campus and at the national level, and to create a support system for the homosexual and bisexual community at Groton. GSA meets every fortnight on Wednesdays in John Tyler’s classroom, and anybody is welcome to attend.


Heads: KT Choi ’14, Nosheen Hotaki ’14, Arim Jeon ’14, Shangyan Li ’14, Bobby Min ’14, Diana Sayegh ’14, Amy Zhang ’14

The International Community Advising Program (ICAP) is a program that aims to support foreign students who are challenged by a new culture and a new academic system. ICAP assigns every new student to a returning international student advisor with a similar cultural background who can give advice and help cope with the demands at Groton.

Debating Society

Heads: Evan Long ’14, Sky Colloredo-Mansfeld ’14, Amy Zhang ’14, Elizabeth Salisbury ’14

Debating Society was created in 1884 when debating was a graduation requirement. It is headed by Dr. Andres Reyes. He holds weekly instructional debates on Thursdays in preparation for the extemporaneous and prepared debates, as well as the traditional “triple speaks.” The Debating Society competes in seven debates organized by the Debating Association for New England Independent Schools (DANEIS), where teams can either compete at the novice or advanced level.

Math Club

Heads: JJ Kim ’14, Francisca Fang ’15, Cam Derwin ’15

The Math Club is an academic organization that focuses on math competitions and topics not covered by the math curriculum. The club meets every Tuesday evenings to learn new math concepts. Members participate in national and regional math competitions, including  the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament.


Heads: Yowana Wamala ’14, Genevieve Corman ’14

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is a student-run organization that plans weekend activities on campus to give students a break from their work. For example, the SAC is in charge of organizing Saturday dances and will often host other events, such as a movie on the Circle. The SAC holds board meetings on Tuesdays to discuss the activities to come. “I’m excited for the culture change that the SAC is producing. Mr. Tim LeRoy brings a great energy and we’re all excited for this year,” says one of the heads, Yowana Wamala ’14.


Heads: Genevieve Corman ’14, Jamie Thorndike ’14,  Ade Osinubi ’14

The mission of Groton Community Service (GCS) is to promote our school’s motto “Cui Servire est Regnare” within the community. The GCS board organizes annual Groton Opportunity for Leadership Development (GOLD) grants to students  for summer service projects. The GCS organizes weekly trips to Our Father’s House and Transitions on Sundays, and to Loaves and Fishes on Mondays.

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