Dr. Reyes Returns

Dr ReyesDr. Andres Reyes is back on the Circle teaching Greek and Latin in his classroom after a two-year-long leave. He spent much of his time in Jordan, excavating Khirbet et-Tannur, a religious sanctuary north of biblical Edom. The site was originally excavated in 1937 by Nelson Glueck, who was not able to complete his report before he passed away, and the original findings have been re-opened and meshed with the new ones in the final report of Dr. Reyes and his team. Though Dr. Reyes jokes that the research and writing processes were “extremely painful,” he and the team were successful in their endeavors. The book he co-authored will be released in November,  containing the final survey.

In addition to his time spent in Jordan, Dr. Reyes spent a considerable amount of time at Oxford, assisting in the development of an archeological online photo archive and teaching graduate students. However, he infinitely prefers Groton students, who are “far more interesting.”

Dr. Reyes is “quite happy” to be back in the dormitory,  to teach, to participate in the choir, and to aid in the leadership of the Debate Society. Dr. Reyes’ enthusiasm to resume his place at Groton is paralleled by Groton students’ enthusiasm to have him  back. The head of Groton Debating Society, Evan Long ’16, states that Dr. Reyes adds “something unique to the identity of Groton.” Groton “seems as [friendly as]     it always has been: yesterday, today, and forever.”

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