Farewell to Senior Staff

Working with the staff of 2012-2013 on the CV has been an amazing experience. The countless hours writing, editing articles, wrestling with the layout InDesign program, and copy editing were unforgettable. Their guidance and leadership helped the junior staff members grow as journalists and layout designers. We would like to thank their contributions.

Anita Xu has been one of the best Editors in Chief any staff-member could ask for.  She picked an amazing team to lead the paper and has made sure that everyone from the writers to the editors felt welcome. She made sure that the layouts understood that giant titles and pictures that take up a quarter of the page are not the best way to fill space. The revival of the Horse Voice was a welcome surprise for many, and the copious amount of food in the CV room during layout and copy-editing made everything much more enjoyable.

Danielle Kimball was an amazing News and Features Editor. She helped her staff navigate the horrifying world of photoshop and indesign while making sure that all deadlines were met. She brought great article ideas to the table and made sure that the best writers were always on the job.

Opinions Editor Hugh McGlade brought in his eloquence and personality in the CV Room. Hugh, the brain of the section, was quick with short and clever titles and directed the opinions section to relevant and interesting topics. His sharp wit will be missed in the CV room.

Sports Editor Ellee Watson has used her interest in sports to create a section full of variety and useful information for the entire student body. She was able to highlight different teams, activities, and sporting events that were of interest to the community and put them all in one convenient location.

As the Arts Editor of the CV, Stephanie Kim spearheaded the Art Section by covering Groton’s many talented artists. Thanks to her efforts, the arts section has covered painters, photographers and actors. She was the responsible cornerstone of the section.

Photography Editor Analia Del Bosque always got her photos in on time and was great with last minute requests. Her bubbly personality lit up the CV room and her organization was essential to the success of the paper.

Seniors of the 2012- 2013 CV staff led the CV in interesting directions. Their dedication and energy were inspiring. Good luck next year!

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