Farewell to Faculty

Ms. Sam has been at Groton for three years. While at Groton, she has taught World and the West and Sacred Texts, and has been the faculty sponsor for the Cultural Alliance. During her first year, she also taught an ethics class on political forgiveness. Ms. Sam has coached girls’ thirds basketball, and this year she was a faculty affiliate in Lyons’ dorm.

Next year, she will be moving to Washington, D.C. to teach at St. Albans School. St. Albans School is an all-boys episcopal school for grades 4-12. She will be teaching religion in the high school there.

Although Ms. Sam will miss the check-ins, dining hall, having breakfast with her colleagues, and getting lost on the Triangle, she wants to be in a city. She also wants to be closer to a university to take more classes. This summer, Ms. Sam will be moving to Washington, D.C., and will be taking a course through the teachers college at Columbia University.

Monsieur Cadeau has been here for the past four years teaching French. This year he is teaching two sections of both French 2 and French 4. Since coming to Groton, he has coached boys’ JV soccer for one year, girls’ varsity soccer for the past three years, boys’ JV tennis during his first year, and girls’ JV squash for the past two years. This year, Mr. Cadeau is an affiliate in Miliken’s dorm. While at Groton, he has been one of the faculty sponsors of the French club with Madame Stanton.

Monsieur Cadeau is going back to France to teach English in Angers, his home town. He will be teaching high school and middle school English classes. He is excited to see his family and live in France after four years. M. Cadeau will miss the people at Groton, especially the students and his advisees, and the relationships he has built with them. According to him, in France, teachers are not as close to their students as at Groton. This summer M. Cadeau will be finding an apartment in France, getting ready to become an English teacher, and traveling to Spain.

Mr. Levin has been at Groton for two years. This year he is teaching two sections of Introductory Physics, a Modern Physics elective, Advanced Physics, and Latin 1. He had also taught a Quantum Mechanics elective with Mr. Prockop. Last year, he helped coaching boys’ cross country, as well as thirds squash and tennis. This year, he was one of the faculty sponsors for the archery FSA and coached thirds tennis again. He is currently a faculty affiliate in O’Donnell’s dorm, and last year he was an affiliate in Mongan’s dorm.

Mr. Levin grew up just outside of Princeton, New Jersey, and next year he will be entering a classics PhD program at Princeton. Over the summer, he will be taking a German course for reading, which is part of his graduate work for Greek and Latin. Both Greek and Latin are required to get a classics PhD, as well as demonstrating that you can read French and German.

Mr. Levin will miss his lovely students, the beautiful campus, and the dining hall food the most. Mr. Kitty will also miss everyone, and will especially miss the boys of O’Donnell’s.

Ms. Palomo has been at Groton for the past two years and has taught U.S. history. She has also coached girls’ JV soccer, girls’ varsity basketball, and girls’ JV crew. This past year, she has been the community service coordinator. She is the dorm head for Palomo’s dorm.

Next year, Ms. Palomo is going to teach history at the Wheeler School in Providence, Rhode Island. She plans on coaching either soccer or basketball. Ms. Palomo will miss the people the most; her friends on the faculty, the girls in the dorm, her advisees, and her students. This summer, Ms. Palomo will be moving to Providence, and taking spontaneous trips.

Mr. Beams arrived on the Circle in 1984, and has been here for 29 years. Over the years, he has taught all of the math courses. He has also coached Girls Thirds, JV, and varsity soccer, Boys Varsity Lacrosse until last year, and Girls Thirds Squash this year. Mr. Beams has been a dorm head for his entire career.  He has been in Upper School boys, Third Form Boys, Third Form girls, and Upper School girls. He spent most of his time in Upper School girls’ dorms and started in the dorm which is currently Kelly’s dorm. Over a ten year period, Mr. Beams did a project with the renovation of the dorms, and helped design the current third form dorms. He renovated all of the Upper School dorms. For years, Mr. Beams helped running Scudders. When he first came to Groton, Scudders was not used for anything. During the first years Scudders was open, it was initially managed by outside help. When students ran it, Mr. Beams oversaw it until Mr. Webb took over his position. The Deans office had also kept Mr. Beams busy. After twenty years as a dean, last year was his last year in the Deans office. He had been a Dean with Ms. Leggat, then with Ms. Hughes, and then with Ms. Petroskey.

Six years ago, Mr. Beams started the global education program here at Groton. The World Leadership Organization helped set up the program to start the Peru trips, and then later trips to Africa, in Kenya and Tanzania. Now the World Leadership Organization is no longer used except for the Kenya trip this year. Four years ago, Mr. Beams and his wife Cindy took a group of students to the Orkeeswa School in Tanzania. He said it was “a wonderful match”.  Now, each year, the Second Form studentsare assigned to a new Orkeeswa student as a pen pal. This program had started two years ago. This is also the second year that Groton has brought two Tanzanian students to Groton for the spring.

After Mr. Beams leaves Groton, he still hopes to do the Orkeeswa trips. The Beams have a house in Camden, Maine, and a small apartment in New York City.  Both of their daughters are having babies this summer, which they are both very excited about. They also have plans on renovating the house they are moving into.

Mr. Beams says that the students are “the best part about Groton”, and will miss them the most. He believes that the start of the day and the end of the day, chapel and check-in, are great things about Groton. He also likes that every Sixth Former is a leader, the structure of the school, the size of the dorms, and the size of the school. He believes that these are things that the school should stick to.

For him, the start of the summer is very hectic, for he will be moving to Maine and then off to the Orkeeswa School with 17 Groton students for 3 weeks.  After that, he will be settling into Maine before heading to San Francisco, where his daughter Maggie is having her first child.

Ms. Alling will also be leaving the Circle this year. She has been at Groton for eight years as the Director of Parent Programs. She has been a Choices leader, and coached JV Field Hockey. Ms. Alling will be joining former faculty members Will and Sarah Webb at the Fountain Valley School in Colorado. There, she will be the head of the development office. Ms. Alling will miss her advisees the most. This summer, she is going to use a trip out west to see the sights – Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead, and the Ford Rouge automobile museum and factory


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