Nick Geller Takes the Athletic Center by a Storm

By: Luna Goodale ’15

This year we welcome a new member to Groton’s athletic training staff, Nick Geller. Nick grew up in Berwick, Maine and attended The University of Southern Maine for his undergraduate education where he acquired many years of clinical experience practicing beneath a certified trainer. During graduate school at the University of Delaware, he worked for two years as a certified athletic trainer for the football, softball, and baseball teams. Currently, during the day Nick works as a physical trainer’s aid at Live Free Physical Therapy in Groton. Unanimously, the students and staff, of Groton, feel Nick is a great addition to the sports program. Talking to coach Mongan and Cheeks, they both agree that Nick brings a great deal of confidence and experience to the school with his extensive physical training background. Cheeks feels comfortable letting Nick “ride solo” and Mongan says he brings some much needed help to Cheeks so the staff can continue to provide the best possible care to our school’s athletes. Students that frequent the training room, such as Lucy McNamara and Catherine Walker-Jacks, report that students feel comfortable approaching Nick with their multiple, and sometimes obscure, maladies.

Lillian Harris remarked “When I approached him with my heel problem, he was insightful and helpful in finding a way to wrap it.” According to Catherine Walker-Jacks, “I had a horrific blister, and Nick figured out this way to wrap it effectively using some miscellaneous objects. It made a huge difference.” Nick has a great presence in the training room and students feel his innovative approach to training and outgoing and funny personality make a positive impact on students and staff. So far, Nick says that he loves working at Groton and thinks that there are many great aspects of our school, but it is the kids, for him, that make working at Groton a very special experience.

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